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Outta’ Sight

Check out the latest in outdated hip-hop fashion being sported by our good friend tavish here


So this happened…


I made a promo Item together with NassimO and Psyke for NassimO’s awesome teleporter shirt. Go show your love please!

Promo item:


Via Evil_Knevil

Second poster in two days. Hooray productivity!

This one’s for the Security Measure, now available at a Steam Workshop near you!

Shameless self-promotion: Heavy’s jacket is the Tsar Bomber.

The Classy Attire I teased in the last poster is up for voting in the workshop! gogogo

Promotional image for an upcoming Workshop item. Keep your eyes peeled!

Tumblr decided to break my old theme and images were floating all over the place until I chose a new theme

An unattended guest arrives at the party…(spoiler: it’s Pauling)

Promo for the Tailored Traitor [x]

Sorry if I haven’t done any posters in a while, but I got addicted to Dota 2 :\

1080p version here


my 3D printed U-Clanka arrived and it fits awesomely :D

Now I just have to learn how to paint :x

Via tumblr

So I was working on a poster where Scout’s supposed to look surprised because of Miss Pauling and…




This is my “Work in Progress” version of Miss Pauling, as seen in the TF2 short “Expiration Date”. As with when I first showed Olivia Mann, I have a ways to go with rigging and making flexes as well as fine tuning VMT settings and textures (Example being her hair being really shiny). Anyway, hope you enjoy this quick preview. Sorry I couldn’t prepare anything flashier.

stay tuned~

Holy crap I thought this was the original one for a second

Via Crazyb's 3D Modelling Blog

Some new Dota 2 concept art from Valve. This time it’s Arc Warden!

Some new Dota 2 concept art from Valve. This time it’s Arc Warden!


fucking kawaii desu 

Via Italian Ninja's bullshit

I can now brag for a day or two about playing techies before release.

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