Professional procrastinator etc.


one of the many benefits of being in a relationship with another tf2 contributor [that is also more talented than me, confirmed] is that there will always be someone that understands what you do for a living

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wip of dumb/fun Halloween item “The Sticky Stumper”

gamegamer0 said: Can we have another EotL train gif?


You’ll be able to make your own soon.

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Team Fortress 2 poster mistaken for US propaganda on Russian state television

Are you kidding me?

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pootispowhaha said: Will the End of the Line update contain any new cosmetics?



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Doing renders for End of the Line. They’re literally killing my custom computer rig due to the complexity of some of the shots. Had to dismantle it 3 times over the last week. So now I’m just listening to this on loop while watching intensely to make sure they finish as my comp coughs and sputters. You earn a high five if you get the reference.

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I had completely forgotten I had a Steam group.

Perhaps y’all could fill it up and bring it back to life?


Outta’ Sight

Check out the latest in outdated hip-hop fashion being sported by our good friend tavish here


So this happened…


I made a promo Item together with NassimO and Psyke for NassimO’s awesome teleporter shirt. Go show your love please!

Promo item:


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Second poster in two days. Hooray productivity!

This one’s for the Security Measure, now available at a Steam Workshop near you!

Shameless self-promotion: Heavy’s jacket is the Tsar Bomber.

The Classy Attire I teased in the last poster is up for voting in the workshop! gogogo

Promotional image for an upcoming Workshop item. Keep your eyes peeled!

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